construction, epc and epcic solutions

Among our services we include Design, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning.

With more than 5,200,000 tonnes delivered worldwide, Dragados Offshore has proven its capability to execute safely any construction challenge according to a variety of standards and codes.

Our multidisciplinary teams are capable not only to deliver projects under specific standards, but to actively seek the optimum solution in quality, cost and schedule by efficient utilization of resources and facilities.
Dragados Offshore is ready to fabricate under the toughest offshore standards, as well as to provide construction and project management support.

We capitalize on our internal resources by optimizing the use of our yard layout, our workshops and our skilled labor force. Whenever feasible, prefabrication of sub-assemblies and major assemblies are completed indoors and at ground level, which leads to a safer execution and higher productivity. Welding activities are completed before the application of paint. Segregated piping shops are equipped to carry out separated fabrication of carbon steel and exotic materials. Multi-wheel trailers are used to transport different elements from shops to painting and erection areas. The weather conditions in our fabrication sites both in Spain and Mexico allow year-round outdoor erection.