Algeciras yard

Dragados Offshore obtained the concession for the Algeciras yard in 2008, after successfully completing the Adriatic LNG Terminal for ExxonMobil. Due to the complexity of the project, the construction of the topsides was performed at our Cádiz yard and the installation and integration to the GBS was completed at the Algeciras yard. The excellent conditions and promising possibilities of the facilities led Dragados Offshore to obtain the exclusive concession of the site.

The Algeciras yard is a construction, installation, and integration yard, located in the north zone of the Bay of Algeciras, next to Gibraltar Airport, and 100km from our headquarters in Cádiz, Spain. The yard occupies nearly 350,000 m2, and the graving dock spans 386x194x20 meters, making it one of the largest in Europe. The quay has a water depth of -18.5 m LAT and a length of 260 m.